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Port Augusta Fishing Guide July / August

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Just for your information a section of the Navigation Beacons in Upper Spencer Gulf have been upgraded. i.e. (All removed and either replaced or re-positioned)

Squid continue to be the most sought after species in July. Once again just off the edges of weedy banks is the best location south of the Power Station. The Blood Worm run will occur a few days after the new moon in July. Around 15th - 18th July. This is not a good time to go fishing unless you are out at night with a scoop net collecting blood worms as the fish populations gorge themselves with blood worms and rarely touch a bait. Leave it a week and then have a go.

Yellowtail Kingfish are also just starting to come on and for those prepared to put in the time can be rewarded with 40kg plus fish. The best locations for the Yellowtail Kingfish is still around the old Power Station site. We will have to monitor to see if the fish still congregate around the sea wall and outlet channels from the old Power Station. The fish still come up here but locating them might be a bit more difficult.

King George Whiting are affected by the blood worms and annual slime event during July. About a week after the blood worm run I suggest trying for the King George Whiting. At this time of year they are hard to find but if you can anchor up on a spot where the fish are hungry you can still pick up a decent feed. It is a matter of finding the fish.

Salmon Trout, Snook and Australian Herring (Tommy Ruff) are also about this time of year and you can usually pick up a feed of these in July.


August is probably the best month of the year to catch the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish. Schools of Kingfish congregate and cruise around the old Power Station site.

The use of down riggers and side imaging sounders have been the key for most fishers in recent years however that is not to say you can’t catch a fish in a tinny with none of this gadgetry.

I suggest the use of down riggers and side imaging sounders will be even more popular as fishers search for the Kingfish over a wider area as they tend to roam further now that the Power Station has now been switched off. Fishers from all over Australia visit Port Augusta every year to try their luck.

A whole range of other species begin to migrate into our waters in August. King George Whiting are out in front of the shacks and if prepared to move around a bit you will catch a decent feed. The Trumpeter has all but disappeared by now and has been replaced by good catches of Squid. Best areas for Squid are drifting along the edges of banks over the long weed from the first shack southwards, however as the month progresses they become a little more finicky and difficult to catch.

Also Salmon Trout right through the Upper Spencer Gulf.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.

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