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Port Augusta Fishing Guide July / August

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Squid returned in good numbers this year. Best spots as usual are just off the edges of weedy banks south of the old Power Station site. The Blood Worm run will occur a few days after the new moon in July. Be aware of this as it tends to slow fishing for a week or so. This year it is scheduled from around the 12th July and the 11th August. Not a good time to go fishing, better to leave it for a week and then have a go.

Yellowtail Kingfish traditionally were around in late July when the Power Station was running but in the past couple of years the lack of warm water has changed things up a bit. Still fish about for those prepared to put in the time and can be rewarded with the odd good fish. The best locations for the Yellowtail Kingfish are still around the old Power Station site and the first Rail Bridge north of Port Augusta. Have heard numerous reports of Kingfish north of Port Augusta. Some have said that the Kingfish might wane due to the closing of the Power Station but to date I can report the fish still come up here but locating and getting them to bite is still the challenge. Side imaging sounders and down riggers are proving to be a handy add on to your fishing armoury.

King George Whiting are affected by the Blood Worms and annual slime event during July. About a week after the Blood Worm would be the best to try for the King George Whiting. At this time of year, they are hard to find but if you can anchor up on a spot where the fish are hungry you can still pick up a decent feed. It is a matter of finding the fish. Try using a rig with the hook set well off the bottom and fish in places like the Run which has long weed and the Whiting seem to cruise above all the slime and weed and still take a bait if presented well.

Salmon Trout, Snook and Australian Herring (Tommy Ruff) are also about this time of year, and you can usually pick up a feed of these in July.


August has traditionally been the best month of the year to catch the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish however over the last year or two this has slipped a month or so into September/October. Squid are still the preferred bait however as the month progresses, they become a little more finicky and difficult to catch. Schools of Kingfish congregate and cruise around the old Power Station site.

As mentioned down riggers have been the key for most fishers in recent years however that is not to say you can’t catch a fish in a tinny with none of this gadgetry. I have even heard of people catching them from the shore. Like all fishing you have to be in the right place at the right time. I suggest the use of down riggers and side imaging sounders will be even more popular as fishers search for the Kingfish over a wider area. Fishers from all over Australia visit Port Augusta every year to try their luck.

A whole range of other species begin to migrate into our waters in August. I suggest King George Whiting on a calm winters’ day is a must for fishers as it won’t be long before the mighty Trumpeter returns, usually around mid-October. Once again you will still need to contend with the Slime and Blow Fish but if prepared to move around a bit you will catch a decent feed. The King George Whiting is traditionally a little bigger at the end of winter. The Trumpeter has all but disappeared by now and should be replaced by good catches of Squid. Best areas for Squid are drifting along the edges of banks over the long weed from the first shack southwards. Also, Salmon Trout right through the Upper Spencer Gulf.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.