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Port Augusta Fishing Guide March / April



Crabs, Crabs and more Crabs. 2020 has been a fantastic year here at Port Augusta for Crabs. By now everyone is just about over them and looking for something else to catch. The larger Crabs usually begin to move southwards over the next few months and most fishers begin to think about other species to catch.

In March you can now start to think about catching Garfish at night using a dab net and spotlight, best time is a moonless calm night along the edges of the mangroves at high tide. It is also worth a try for Garfish during the day time using gents for bait. Once again, no fixed spot but along the edges of the banks and in front of the shacks usually works.

Yellowfin Whiting or locally known as Silvers begin to wane around this time of year as the water temperatures begin to cool.

Trumpeters still rule in the deep until the end of March and all the way into April. Best time to avoid them is during the slower tides.

King George are just starting to move in as the season begins to turn and the cooler nights begin to bring the water temperature down.

Squid also start to move in with catches along the front of the shacks at night the early signs.

Still getting reports of Yellowtail Kingfish up to a metre and these are also worth a try. Few reports of Dolphin Fish north of Port Augusta along with Rat Kingfish.

Snook are also up and about, and one can usually score a feed of Snook trolling just above the weed beds in about 2-4m of water along the front of the shacks and on the edges of the banks.


The cooler nights bring with it cooling water temperatures for the Upper Spencer Gulf. This time of year the day time temperatures begin to drop significantly and changes begin to occur in the Upper Spencer Gulf as species that like the cooler temperatures move in and other species such as the Trumpeter begin to head south.

Crabs are usually still about although on the wane and heading southwards into deeper, warmer waters. The mighty Trumpeter is still a problem however as they head into deeper waters and southwards their impacts begin to diminish and you can start to catch the likes of King George Whiting. Try patchy weedy bottoms for the 32cm plus fish.

April has some of the best weather of the year and encourages everyone to get out and about.

Garfish with a spotlight at night is always a hit with the kids this time of the year. The best bottom fishing is usually in the shallows for Silver Whiting or surface fishing for Garfish in approximately 2-3m of water.

Squid begin to increase in number along the edges of banks in 2-3m of water over long weed. Leddies Spit towards the Flinders ranges is usually a good spot for Squidding and along the front of the northern most coastal home on the western side of the gulf.

Later in April with the slower tides you can seriously begin to try for King George Whiting. If the tides are running strongly the Trumpeter is still active however around Dodge Tide they are less active and it gives the fisher a chance to catch a feed of King George Whiting.

This time of year is also the best for Flathead. I always say the last few weeks of April and first couple of weeks into May are best for Flathead. Use a bit of Pilchard for berley and if about they will come.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.