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Port Augusta Fishing Guide May / June



With the advent of the Corona Virus outbreak many are deciding to try their luck at fishing, and why not. Gets you out of the house and more importantly not in contact with large groups of people. The ideal setting to self-isolate.

May and the early part of June is the best time of the year, weather and fish wise, to try for the likes of King George Whiting here at Port Augusta. The Upper Spencer Gulf comes alive with a whole new range of fish. Snook, Salmon, Squid the odd Yellowtail Kingfish, to mention a few. This year appears to also have a huge increase in Blow fish a-or puffer fish. Hooks stealers. The Trumpeter gradually moves out which helps to make fishing more enjoyable. Blue swimmer crabs are now heading south in the deeper channels however the slime gradually starts to appear making pulling nets and keeping them clean a problem. King George Whiting are moving into most areas now with some good catches albeit you have to fight your way through the puffer fish.

At this time of year Garfish are usually at their best in the Upper Spencer Gulf. Fishers using Gents for bait will always out-fish those using alternative baits. Those night fishing using a spot light and dab net will find this to be the quickest and easiest way to catch a feed of Garfish. If you don’t have a boat try just walking in the shallows at night with a head light and dab net on a calm dark night at high tide and you can dab Garfish and catch the odd Squid.

For boaties Squid are hot this year with best areas further south of Port Augusta down to Miranda. Drifting along the edges of banks over the long weed using one of the hundreds of Squid Jigs on the market these days. Still reports of Yellow-fin Whiting or Silvers as they are called locally of the intertidal zone in front of the shacks.


In June the Squid are one of the most targeted species just off the edges of weedy banks south of the old Power Station site.

Yellowtail Kingfish are also just starting to come on the radar and after a couple of years now with the Power Station closed it would appear the Kingfish are still frequenting these waters. Last year was exceptional for Kingfish right through until about late October.

Those prepared to put in the time and effort can be rewarded with a mighty 40kg plus fish. The best location in the past has been around the old Power Station site. Other locations to try are north of Port Augusta at the rail-bridge and check out all the navigation beacons south of the Power Station as the big Kingies tend to hang out off the tide in behind these sticks. The use of side imaging sounders, down riggers and metal jigging lures have been popular in recent years.

King George Whiting become affected by the annual slime which begins to move in during June/July and if this is not enough to put you off there is an influx of blood worms around this time also. If you can lob on a spot where the fish are hungry you can still pick up a feed quite quickly. It is all a matter of finding the fish.

Salmon Trout are always about and in Port Paterson you can sometimes pick up some real thumpers. West Coast Size.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.