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Port Augusta Fishing Guide November / December


The three-year Snapper ban has arrived as of the 1st November and is now in effect, a sad day for recreational fishers. Funnily enough over the last 3-4 weeks of October we have seen a significant increase in effort by Snapper fishers in the Upper Spencer Gulf. Guess what, many of these fishers have reported catching Snapper. I sometimes wonder if it is more a case of lack of effort trying for Snapper that has resulted in reduced catches by Recreational Fishers. Hearing guys putting in more effort and getting rewarded with a Snapper in some ways supports this theory.

If you have a bait in the water can catch Snapper. An entirely new concept!

Any way enough of that, Port Augusta usually gets an early run of Crabs through October and into November when they do go off for a while until around Christmas.

Salmon Trout, Tommies, Garfish and Snook are some of the scale fish you can catch this time of year in the mid to top layer of water. I would be trying along the edges of banks in around 4m of water.

Yellowtail Kingfish have been caught during this period and worth trolling a live bait or quality lure in front of the Power Station and try heading up the gulf around the Whyalla Rail Bridge. Try using Stick Baits for jigging along with Downriggers and side imaging sounders to improve your chances.

Yellow-fin or Silver Whiting can be caught during the warmer months. Best areas are just off the mangroves on the intertidal zone in about a metre or even less of water. Best baits are green prawns, blood worms, cockle or squid with a bit of berley.

November sees the weather going all over the place with hot spells usually only broken up by strong southerly winds. It’s either 35-45 degrees with a chance of a few calm days or blowing from either the south or north making it a bit uncomfortable.

Fish species which had preferred the cooler water temperatures are now moving southwards and the fish species that prefer the warmer temperatures are now moving in. The mighty Trumpeter is now well and truly established in the deeper waters and makes King George Whiting fishing almost impossible.

Early December usually sees a lull in the likes of Crabbing as the crabs seem to have a bit of a spell around this time of the year.

The Yellowtail Kingfish i.e. (larger fish to 40 kg) have also moved on however it is often worth a try in front of the old Power Station inlet channel and Whyalla rail-bridge north of Port Augusta.

Christmas holidays will see a large number of people trying their luck at all species and most will get a feed of some description as the gulf is alive with a whole range of fish. Crabs start to come back in January along with Silver Whiting along the tidal flats.

King George Whiting are very scarce this time of year and hardly worth the effort. The Trumpeter usually rules the waterways during this period.

Salmon Trout and Tommies are popular during December and January with Garfish another option using gents for bait.

Snook are also active and one can usually score a feed of Snook trolling just above the weed beds in about 2-4 metres of water.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.