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Port Augusta Fishing Guide September / October

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Kingfish have been scarce up to now however last year they came late and so did the fishers. Suggest late September and October will be the best for them this year.

Squid have once again been a bit infrequent this year and come end of September they tend to move south.

September is a good month for King George Whiting here at Port Augusta provided you can get the weather to behave. If you haven’t got a feed by the end of September your chances begin to diminish rapidly leading into summer. By the end of September into mid-October, King George Whiting are gradually over run by the Trumpeters.

September is a great time to dust of the cob webs and get some salt water around the feet. Weather starts to warm up as the next round of fish begin to migrate into the Upper Spencer Gulf. Crabs begin their early run in September, starting out deep and then moving into the shallows. Try raking them at low tide in front of the first few shacks or on the intertidal flats.

Some good-sized Salmon are being caught in the Upper Spencer Gulf these days with fish up to 3kg being landed along the front of the shacks and in Port Paterson.


October is the month when the weather changes dramatically, sometimes four seasons in one day. Water temperatures are increasing and as mentioned in the September report new fish species migrate northwards in Spencer Gulf. The fish which prefer the colder water temperatures gradually move southwards following the cooler temperatures. Squid being one of these.

October usually sees the decline of the Yellowtail Kingfish however last year October was probably the best month of the year for Kingfish so give it a go. Try around navigation beacons and in Chinamen Creek Deeper Channels, up the top of the gulf.

October is usually the last month of the year when you can catch a decent feed of King George Whiting. Try the slower outgoing tides around 0.8m to 1.2m. The 3m tidal flow just brings out the Trumpeters and Blowfish.

Snapper can also be caught south of Port Augusta with the best drops being around the Old Power Station Site and about 8-25km south of the boat ramp. The Seabird boat wreck regularly produces a few Snapper, the odd Mulloway and even an odd Yellowtail Kingfish.

Salmon Trout and Tommies are the best of the rest along with Garfish above the weed beds using quality gents for bait.

You can also troll for Snook and the Run is one spot you can usually pick up a good feed of these above the long weed in about 2-4m of water.

Crabs are also still firing in October.

The first few weeks of October will see the last of the Squid. Suggest you try in about 3m of water over long weed for best results further south of the shacks.

Good luck and hope you all have tight lines.